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Sherlock thinks he may have feelings for John yet he has feelings for Molly too. He can’t separate the two though and try’s to see which one he truly connects with. 


ONEBUTTSCRATCHER STUDIO presents sir-shag-a-lot and johnsnaughtybox and bennybubblebatch PRODUCTION misscazbroon wholockedcumberwumber “THE VIRGIN” too-majestic-to-ride this-boy-is-an-awkward emeliascarlet CASTING BY croftyspock90 swingpark city-boi MUSIC BY sancharimitra thewomanbassplayer wrong-grammar COSTUME DIRECTOR artsyvillain silvrspade EDITED BY broken-peoples PRODUCTION DESIGNER surely-sherlock-holmes DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY equestriankingdom EXECUTIVE PRODUCER kcolrehssemloh emilyjanesworld thedreamingdinosaur neb-is-here PRODUCED BY likefiguresonaweatherclock obsessed-wholockian BASED ON THE CHARACTERS CREATED BY Mark Gatiss Steven Moffat SCREENPLAY BY bitbenny SPECIAL EFFECTS BY raininegypt anyonelisteningwhoeveryouare SPECIAL APPEARANCE Tom Hiddleston Chris Evans Chris Pine bbcssherlock londonphile  CO-DIRECTED BY thescienceofjohnlock DIRECTED BY khaleesi-of-johnlock



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